Industrial Inspections

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Industrial Inspections

Industrial Inspections with little to no down time.

Faster and more cost-efficient with minimal interference.

Industrial operations need to be inspected on a regular basis to ensure safe operations. Drones are revolutionising this process by eliminating the need for expensive cranes, scaffolding or rope access. Removing these access difficulties means less downtime and traffic disruption. Drone industrial inspections are safer, more cost-efficient and faster. Using UAVs we carry out detailed and fast bridge inspections. All our inspections are tailored to your safety inspection requirements.

Why Use A Drone For Industrial Inspection?

No scaffolding or ropes

Drone technology is cheaper, safer and more reliable than traditional methods such as scaffolding, cherry-pickers and ropes. It's also quicker and less labour intensive. We will bring everything we need and be out of your way that same day.

No traffic disruption

Downtime is expensive, unpopular and inconvenient. Using a drone, we can conduct a thorough survey with little to no downtime.

No risk to your assets

Our equipment won't touch or even go close to your assets. Our high-resolution cameras use optical zoom to give extreme close-up views while staying a safe distance away.

Detect hidden problems

We use cutting-edge technologies to detect problems that would otherwise be invisible. These include ultra-HD photography/video, LIDAR and thermal imaging.


The safety of your personnel and our own is paramount, and we place it at the forefront of our company culture. Ask us about our OSH systems and practices.

Rapid response

Need us there in a hurry? No problem. Let us know what you need, and we can be there on the same day. After all, sometimes the problem just won't wait.