Thermal Drone Services

thermal drone service

Thermal Drone Services

Find and eliminate problems before they get the better of you.

Faster and more cost-efficient with minimal interference.

Thermal drones are highly efficient tools with the unique ability to detect heat signatures, making them a game changer in various industries. The drones provide significant assistance during search and rescue operations by identifying human and animal bodies in forests or debris. Firefighters can also effectively direct their resources by using thermal drones to detect hotspots and areas of the fire, while farmers can check the health of their crops and identify potential pest and disease infestations. Additionally, engineering and construction firms can utilize thermal drones to detect energy inefficiencies. In conclusion, thermal drones are versatile solutions that offer an array of benefits across multiple industries.

Why Use A Thermal Drone?

Search & Rescue

Coordinate search and rescue operations for people or animals lost in difficult terrain quickly and efficiently

Water Leaks

Find and eliminate moisture intrusion to prevent rot and health problems associated with mould and mildew.

Solar Panel Inspection

Keep your photovoltaic array running safely and efficiently by finding and fixing issues in your solar cells.

Energy Loss

Identify and resolve potential problems with electrical distribution equipment before they lead to failure.

Proof of Insulation

Reduce your energy costs and do your bit for the environment by finding and eliminating gaps in insulation.

Pest Control

Use thermal drone technology to seek out feral pest species such as deer, pigs, possums and wallabies.